Work Hard, Keep Your Word and Live the American Dream

The difference between successful people and all the others is not parents, heritage, education, IQ, religion or physical statue. The difference is simple; successful people accomplish what everyone else finds just a little bit too hard to do.

These and other insights can be found in Parking Cars: Life Lessons Learned from a Career on the Parking Lot, a no-nonsense guide to life and business.  Having grown up in the rough-and-tumble parking business in Washington, DC, author Marc Slavin speaks bluntly and honestly about what he’s learned in over 40 years of experience.

Not that Marc had it easy.  When Marc was ten, his father died in a plane crash.  He lost both of his younger brothers to heart failure, when they were 42 and 50, respectively.  He made bad business decisions and mistakes in judgment, resulting in lost profits and employees who lied to him and stole from his company.

And no one ever handed him anything, despite his being born into the business.  He worked his way up one car at a time, cleaning dirty, dangerous parking lots as a youth, learning how to handle people from all walks of life.   He dealt with difficult and challenging clients and relatives, eventually striking on his own and leaving the security of the family business.  Yet through hard work, persistence and ruthless self-examination, Marc prevailed as one of the top independent entrepreneurs and owners of parking companies in the Washington, DC area.

In the pages of this inspiring yet practical book, you will learn what it takes to work hard, keep your word and achieve and live the American dream, both personal and professional.