About the Author

MarcMarc Slavin literally grew up in the parking business in Washington, DC. From the time Marc was a toddler his father took him to the garages. When Marc was ten his father died in a plane crash. His mom moved Marc and his brothers to Miami where he learned to enjoy life and the outdoors thanks to his stepfather and grandfather.

As he was growing up Marc maintained his love of and involvement in the parking business during school breaks by commuting from Miami to DC. As a young teenager he began checking lots and garages, cashiered and worked in the janitorial and maintenance department.

After finishing high school in Miami, Marc went on to study at University of Miami and then Miami-Dade architectural school. He moved permanently back to DC in 1977, to a full-time position with Atlantic Garage, his grandfather’s company. He continued his career with his uncle at Atlantic Garage for the next 20 years where he honed his skills and relationships in the parking industry until 1996 when he decided to form his own company MarcParc Inc.

Marc continues his passion for the parking business by constantly coordinating with his team through mentoring and watching the numbers on a daily basis. His favorite part of the business is working with developers and owners on new deals where he provides parking revenue projections and operational designs. Recently Marc started a new company that focuses on Automated Vehicle Storage Retrieval Systems (AVSRS), where by the parking facility is fully automated. Marc believes this is the future of urban parking, especially as valuable real estate in larger cities becomes more scarce.

The father of three grown children, Allison, Alex, Coley and Marc resides with his wife Brigid in Potomac, Maryland and spends his free time in Ocean City, Maryland where he loves to hunt, fish offshore and fly his airplane.